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BIOTE® ADK 5 & 10

This nutraceutical is a combination of three essential vitamins—A, D3, and K2—and supports bone health in both men and women.* ​ The Science Behind Biote ADK Osteocalcin is a protein secreted in bones that assists with remodeling our bones by both reabsorbing older bone and laying down new healthy bone. Vitamin D3, the “sunshine vitamin,” is vital in producing osteocalcin and may improve the absorption of calcium. However, D3 needs help from vitamin K2, a cofactor that is essential for normal bones and is also known to help with blood circulation. Vitamin A, an antioxidant, supports these two vitamins, as well as the immune system.* This Biote supplement includes vitamin A as retinyl palmitate, vitamin D3 as cholecalciferol, and vitamin K2 as menaquinone-7. Biote ADK 5 contains 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 per capsule, and Biote ADK 10 contains 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 per capsule. ​ What Can Biote ADK 5 & 10 Supplements Do for You? When taken daily, Biote ADK 5 & 10 supplements may promote the positive effects of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and may maintain healthy bones. Providers can choose from Biote ADK 5 or Biote ADK 10—the latter of which includes a higher dose of D3.


The Science Behind Biote Arterosil® HP Our blood vessels have a protective, slippery, micro-thin inner lining called the endothelial glycocalyx (EG).  Its role is to protect and regulate the entire vascular system by supporting the health of the endothelium, harboring antioxidants and coagulation factors, regulating passage of molecules, and triggering nitric oxide production and resulting vasodilation. ​ Arterosil® HP contains specialized sulfated polysaccharides derived from a rare seaweed. Daily use of Arterosil® HP may help deliver the building blocks necessary to support this natural protective lining. ​ What Can Arterosil® HP Do for You? Arterosil® HP aims to support a healthy heart, support normal circulation, and help maintain the artery wall’s protective barrier.

This nutraceutical helps replenish and support healthy bacteria in your gut.* ​ The Science Behind Bacillus Coagulans Your gut is home to living bacteria that can affect your physical and mental wellbeing, including digestive and immune health. Probiotics may help maintain the beneficial bacteria while minimizing the bad.* ​ What Can Bacillus Coagulans Do for You? Utilizing a well-tolerated strain, Bacillus Coagulans is strong and stable enough to survive stomach acid, retain its potency in the intestines, and is an excellent choice for acute events and recovery, such as after antibiotic use.*




New & Improved Formulation: Best Night Sleep leverages the same great ingredients you love, now with an optimized formulation based on the latest clinical research. This nutraceutical now features L-theanine, which helps you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper, and an optimal 1-milligram dose of melatonin to calm the mind and help the body transition into a more restful night’s sleep. ​ The recommended dose for Best Night Sleep has been reduced from 2 capsules to 1 capsule. Now each bottle lasts you for 60 days instead of 30 days, while remaining just as effective! ​ The Science Behind Biote Best Night Sleep Most people develop a sleep problem at some time in their life. Best Night Sleep uses well-researched plant extracts, including German Chamomile, Magnolia, Valerian, and Hops, that work together to promote restfulness. ​ Best Night Sleep now includes L-theanine and an optimal 1-milligram dose of melatonin. L-theanine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in green tea. Clinical research indicates it can lower stress and improve both the time to get to sleep and the quality of sleep. L-theanine may also improve mood and mental sharpness. ​ Melatonin is a major sleep hormone that is naturally released in the brain on a 24-hour rhythm that helps regulate your sleep patterns. Melatonin supplementation can further support your natural circadian rhythm and help you fall asleep faster. ​ What Can Biote Best Night Sleep Do for You? Best Night Sleep can be a valuable tool for calming the mind, falling asleep faster, sleeping through the night, and waking up feeling ready for your day. Best Night Sleep is specially formulated to help promote better sleep without using harmful or addictive ingredients. Because the ingredients are all-natural, most users can expect to wake up refreshed without that groggy feeling.



This nutraceutical contains well-absorbed curcumin that may help provide relief from occasional joint and muscle soreness. The Science Behind Biote Curcumin-SF All curcumins are not created equal. Although used for centuries as an ingredient in Asia, most forms are poorly absorbed in the bloodstream, whether coming from food or a nutritional supplement. Biote Curcumin-SF is the most clinically studied curcumin supplement on the market, with a 29x greater absorption rate than ordinary curcumin.* Curcumin supplements can enhance the activity of the COMT enzyme, which may help metabolize estrogen via methylation (the main way gene activity is adjusted during life!) in both men and women. In turn, it may help protect cells from DNA damage from improper estrogen metabolism, aims to support a healthy immune system, and may offer relief from occasional aches or discomfort. What Can Biote Curcumin-SF Do for You? When taken daily, the Biote Curcumin-SF hormone therapy supplement may provide a healthy inflammatory response, also known as the immune response, throughout the body.



This nutraceutical contains extracts from broccoli and pomegranate that may support the healthy utilization of estrogen in both men and women. The Science Behind Biote DIM SGS+ When we age, our testosterone levels drop, naturally increasing our estrogen levels. Too much estrogen can cause significant damage to our bodies. Studies have shown that people with high levels of estrogen have a higher risk of increased weight gain, bloating, water retention, and other complications.* DIM, short for diindolylmethane, is a hormone balancer. Our DIM hormone therapy supplement is derived from broccoli and pomegranate. However, it is not a plant estrogen or an estrogen mimic, like soy isoflavones. DIM may help to stimulate a more efficient metabolism for estrogen, meaning it aims to regulate the ratio of healthy to less healthy estrogen. What Can Biote DIM SGS+ Do for You? When this nutraceutical is taken daily, Biote DIM SGS+ may support weight management and be beneficial for breast, uterine, cervical, and prostate health.



This specially formulated topical serum was created to help stimulate hair growth and reduce issues commonly associated with hair loss.* The Science Behind Biote Hair Rescue: Activate Hair Rescue: Activate combines a potent hair-stimulating peptide, PTD-DBM, along with Methyl Vanillate to provide a multi-approach to hair loss. Research shows these ingredients work synergistically to activate Wnt/β-catenin pathways and reduce DHT-induced hair follicle miniaturization associated with male pattern baldness. What Can Hair Rescue: Activate Do for You? This formula aims to reduce hair follicle miniaturization associated with male pattern baldness and may stimulate normal hair growth and promote hair cell proliferation—helping hair appear thicker and fuller.



This specially formulated cosmeceutical was created to help retain hair follicles and promote thicker, fuller hair. The Science Behind Biote Hair Rescue: Repair Hair Rescue: Repair is a combination of two potent peptides, GHK-Cu and Zn-Thymulin. In studies, GHK-Cu has been shown to strengthen existing hair by stimulating growth in areas that are lacking thickness. Zn-Thymulin is a combination of Zinc and a nonapeptide called Thymulin. Together, Zn-Thymulin may extend the anagen phase of hair follicles and reduce hair loss associated with a zinc deficiency. What Can Hair Rescue: Repair Do for You? HAIR RESCUE: REPAIR may help retain hair follicles and reduce hair loss while increasing the count and density of hair.


This nutraceutical provides minerals that may support normal energy levels, metabolism, and natural hormone production. The Science Behind Biote Iodine+ The thyroid gland takes the iodine we ingest and converts it into two hormones—thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). T4 and T3 regulate our body’s metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Every cell in our body depends on T4 and T3. Moreover, iodine may support healthy breast tissue by up-regulating proteins involved in estrogen metabolism. Even if a patient is a healthy eater, they may benefit from Biote supplements. Some foods can cause a relative iodine deficiency by binding to iodine, which may make the bound iodine inaccessible for thyroid hormone production. These foods include cauliflower, cabbage, brussels sprouts, kale, soy, peanuts, pine nuts, turnips, and rutabaga, although cooking these foods tends to make them less apt to do this.* Biote Iodine+ also contains other essential ingredients—selenium and zinc. Selenium and Zinc may be helpful with the formation of active thyroid hormone (T3). What Can the Biote Iodine+ Do for You? When this hormone therapy supplement is taken daily, Biote Iodine+ can provide a normal amount of iodine that may help to ensure a deficiency is not impairing hormone production.



This collagen-stimulating peptide serum may help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and may promote firmer, healthier skin that glows. The Science Behind Biote Luminate Luminate combines three peptides (GHK-Cu, Argireline, and Leuphasyl) to try to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and promote firmer, healthier skin. It may also help reinforce the skin’s support structure by promoting cell turnover, enhancing skin clarity, and reducing muscle tension and contraction. What Can Luminate Do for You? Luminate may help firm, lift, and smooth the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. With its anti-aging and clarifying properties, this peptide serum makes the perfect addition to any skincare routine.



This nutraceutical is a concentrated and comprehensive formula for normal heart, cognition, and bone health.* The Science Behind Biote Methyl Factors+ Methylation is a critical biochemical process that has a significant impact on our body’s ability to regulate its cardiovascular, neurological, reproductive, and detoxification systems. Unfortunately, the nutrients needed to make sure that optimal methylation occurs in the body are extremely difficult to get from a daily diet, mainly due to the abundance of processed foods and lack of soil nutrients. The Biote Methyl Factors+ formula provides a healthy serving of the nutrients necessary for this imperative bodily process.* One of methylation’s most important roles in the body is keeping our homocysteine levels in check; homocysteine is a common amino acid in our blood. Maintaining a desirable level of homocysteine is one of the leading biomarkers for the maintenance of good cardiovascular health. Biote supplements may help maintain these levels. Preventing an undesirable homocysteine level is also associated with the maintenance of bone, reproductive, cognitive, and neurological health. What Can Biote Methyl Factors+ Do for You? When taken daily, the Biote Methyl Factors+ provides five essential methylation nutrients in their most bioavailable forms: Methylfolate (5-MTHF), active B6, active B2, active methyl B12, and betaine.*



The Science Behind Multi-Strain Probiotic 20B This nutraceutical contains 2 species of Lactobacillus (acidophilus & paracasei) and 2 species of Bifidobacterium lactis (Bi-04 & Bi-07). Formulated for regular use, this probiotic contains 20 billion colony-forming units to promote a healthy balance of your gut microbiome, which can help support your digestive and immune health. What Can Multi-Strain Probiotic 20B Do for You? There are living bacteria in your gut that help support your well-being – probiotics may help maintain the beneficial bacteria while minimizing the bad.* Biote’s Multi-Strain Probiotic 20B has been specifically developed to work alongside bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).



This nutraceutical helps promote normal energy levels and healthy aging. The Science Behind NMN Complex As we age, our NAD+ levels decline. Low levels of NAD+ can make you vulnerable to low energy, cognitive decline, and other early indicators of aging. NMN COMPLEX combines NMN with potent antioxidants (Resveratrol and Pterostilbene) to give your body the building blocks it needs to maintain healthy NAD+ levels, remove senescent cells, and activate sirtuins, which promotes DNA repair.* What Can NMN Complex Do for You? Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, or NMN for short, works on a cellular level inside your body to provide energy and produce critical aging support compounds like NAD+.*



This nutraceutical combines EPA and DHA from pure fish oil with Coenzyme Q10 to support heart, blood vessel, brain, bone, and muscle health, as well as increased energy.* The Science Behind Biote Omega 3 + CoQ10 Research has established the critical role of omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA in supporting cardiovascular health and blood vessel elasticity. The compound Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an intracellular (meaning present in the cells) antioxidant that supports the health of tissues and organs. It particularly benefits those cells that are most metabolically active, such as those in heart muscles.* Although our body produces CoQ10, its production tends to decrease as we age. It’s unfortunate because CoQ10 is stored in the mitochondria, or the cell’s power source, where one of its primary functions is to generate energy for our cells. In our Biote supplements, we combine CoQ10 with pure fish oil, which may help the body absorb and use CoQ10 better. Our omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA are extracted from the purest fish oil sources available through molecular distillation to ensure the removal of cholesterol and contaminants, including PCBs and heavy metals.* What Can Biote Omega 3 + CoQ10 Do for You? When this supplement is taken daily, Biote OMEGA 3 + CoQ10 may promote normal cardiovascular function, blood vessel function, and brain health.



This nutraceutical contains a well-researched blend of senolytic compounds, including Fisetin, Quercetin, Resveratrol, Pterostilbene, and Curcumin. Together, they may help protect and rejuvenate your body at a cellular level. The Science Behind Biote Senolytic Complex As you age, your body accumulates dysfunctional senescent cells that contribute to poor aging, slowed tissue repair, and low energy. Senolytic compounds may help eliminate these cells before they become a problem. Senolytic Complex contains a combination of the most potent senolytic compounds available, including flavonoids found in fruits and veggies (Fisetin and Quercetin), and polyphenols found in grapes and berries (Pterostilbene and Resveratrol). Together with other potent antioxidants like curcumin from turmeric root, Senolytic Complex may help protect and rejuvenate your body at a cellular level. What Can Biote Senolytic Complex Do for You? Senolytic Complex contains a well-researched blend of the most potent senolytic compounds available. These robust antioxidants are at the forefront of anti-aging research and may help protect your cells from stress and age-related damage—helping you look and feel your best!*


This nutraceutical includes dihydrohonokiol-B (DHH-B), a potent, stress-relieving extract derived from magnolia tree bark that may help relieve feelings of anxiousness quickly. The Science Behind Biote Serene The active ingredient in Serene, DHH-B, is a polyphenolic compound derived from magnolia tree bark that exerts neuroprotective and anxiolytic properties through a variety of mechanisms. Magnolia bark has been traditionally used in medical practices throughout much of southeast Asia and has become widely studied by scientists for its pleiotropic effects. DHH-B may help relieve feelings of anxiousness and may also help inhibit stress-inducing hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. Serene may also help support a healthy body and mind by delivering powerful antioxidant support, which may also help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. What Can Biote Serene Do for You? Serene provides a natural way that may help you relieve stress and anxiousness when you need it most. This neuroprotective compound may help reduce feelings of worry and unease. Serene is fast-acting and can be taken as needed to help support your mood and reduce stress.


UROX®+ is an exciting new addition to Biote’s line of nutraceuticals that supports overall bladder health and control for both men and women. Crafted from a proprietary blend of three gentle herbals, UROX®+ can minimize feelings of urgency, reduce the frequency of urination, and even lessen or end leaks and other accidents. The Science Behind UROX®+ UROX®+, Biote’s premier nutraceutical for bladder health, contains a proprietary blend of three gentle herbals traditionally used for bladder health: the horsetail plant, Lindera aggregata root, and Cratevox Three-Leaf Caper. This combination of three herbals works to improve bladder tone and the pelvic floor muscles. The stem of the horsetail plant contains a high level of silicon. Silicon helps produce collagen that builds the bladder’s connective tissue, supporting overall bladder health.  Lindera, widely used in Chinese and Japanese medicine for bladder and kidney support for hundreds of years, improves the muscle that is the major control for emptying the bladder.  And Cratevox, prized in India for its many healing properties since at least 800 BC, supports bladder, kidney, and prostate health. What Can UROX®+ Do For You? UROX®+ can benefit anyone with bladder difficulties, in particular: Postpartum women Women of any age who do intense physical workouts Menopausal or post-menopausal women Men of any age experiencing bladder problems, many of which are erroneously assumed to result from prostate issues



With cardiovascular disease being the number one cause of death globally, it’s never too soon to focus on heart health. That’s why we are excited to introduce Biote’s latest nutraceutical – Vascanox HP! Vascanox HP is Biote’s premier nutraceutical for cardiovascular system support. Vascanox HP may help: Support a healthy cardiovascular system* Promote healthy blood pressure* Support sexual health* Decrease inflammation and oxidative stress* This powerful nutraceutical helps maintain healthy blood flow by increasing the production, storage, and release of nitric oxide and decreasing inflammation and oxidative stress to promote cardiovascular health. WHY CONSIDER VASCANOX HP? Vascanox HP is fast-acting, long-lasting, and has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Plus, it may be taken with blood pressure, lipid-lowering, and/or diabetes medications.* Free radicals – harmful by-products of our body’s natural metabolism processes – attack cells, leading to oxidative stress. This inhibits the production of nitric oxide, which is crucial for heart health. Vascanox HP works to help enhance nitric oxide production and combat inflammation and oxidative stress in both men and women. Vascanox HP is a naturally derived, proprietary combination of ingredients that work together to help support the cardiovascular system.*


Kick Bad Vaginal Bacteria Out and Make Room for the Good with vH Balance Are you itching “down there”? Feeling a sense of burning? Dealing with an unpleasant odor or discharge? Bad vaginal bacteria may be outnumbering your good vaginal bacteria. And even if you aren’t experiencing these or other uncomfortable symptoms, your bacterial balance could be off. That’s where vH Balance comes in. vH Balance is a breakthrough solution for vaginal bacterial balance and overall vaginal health. vH BALANCE MAY HELP: Reduce itching, burning, discharge, and odor Improve vaginal bacterial balance Promote overall vaginal health WHO COULD BENEFIT FROM vH BALANCE? vH Balance can help women of all ages with overall vaginal health, including: Women with itching, burning, discharge, or odor Women taking antibiotics that deplete good vaginal bacteria Postmenopausal women with low estrogen Women wanting a healthy vaginal bacterial balance THE SCIENCE BEHIND vH BALANCE vH Balance combines 6 well-studied probiotic strains into a powerful formula for women’s overall vaginal health. The most proven actions of these strains are to: Produce lactic acid, vital for keeping the vaginal environment sufficiently acidic to control bad bacteria Compete with bad bacteria for available nutrients while also producing substances that repel or destroy bad bacteria Attach to vaginal lining cells to create a resistance to attachment of bad bacteria Regulate gene activity in the vaginal cells to help prevent penetration of bad bacteria Promote healthy inflammatory balance by reducing pro-inflammatory activity in the vaginal lining, while heightening its readiness for attacks from bad bacteria

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